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Did you know: Cats can adopt owner’s accent

People say we look like our pets, or is it the other way around? There’s no denying our personalities and actions leave some kind of mark on our cats but just how much?

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New Cat Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease is a serious condition, however if controlled with proper medication, supplements and diet, your kitty cat will live a normal and joyful life.

Is New Jersey About to Make Declawing a Crime?

A lot of people think that declawing is like trimming your nails or getting a manicure. In fact, it’s an excruciatingly painful procedure where each front toe at the first joint is being amputated.


Robotic cat helps elders

Cats make great companions for people of all ages, but they are especially great for senior citizens. Seniors can often become lonely and depressed as they lose their will to do anything. With cats around, their moods lighten up and, no matter how much care the cats need, they make seniors exercise. Caring for someone […]

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Do house cats need exercise? How much?

We all love cats and want what’s best for them. However, keeping them inside might be troubling. Cats become lazy which leads to obesity, which, unfortunately, can lead to plenty of other health problems.

Activists from China Help Rescue Dogs and Cats from disgusting “Festival”

According to the HSI (Humane Society international) 29 dogs and 5 cats have been rescued in Yuilin, a prefecture-level city in China.

Enjoy a glass of Wine with your Cat

There is no denying that the bond we feel with our cats is strong and real.We spend a lot of time with each other, both in play and in rest, and thanks to a Colorado(Denver) based company we can have a glass of wine with them too!