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5 Pieces of Apparel Your Cat Will Love to Sport

Cat in a lobster outfit? Cat as princess Leia? Yes please. Sometimes we just love dressing up our pets, whether for fun or for health reasons. Dressing your cat can be beneficial to it in many ways, reduce hairballs (because they won’t groom as much), help in those harsh winter days when they are cold, any injury your cat might have had, with anxiety and of course there are the social benefits as it can be a joyful experience for the both of you. As there are an infinite amount of cat apparel out there we tested a few and singled out our top 5…

What to look for:

Size: When buying clothes for your kitty make sure they fit well. Measure your cat and make sure that the size is right, as it will help her get used to her new fancy clothes quicker.

Material: Make sure the quality is top notch, as cheap materials can be hurtful for your feline, cause a rash or worse.

1.Joybies Navy Blue Piddle Pants(tm) for Small Cat (Measuring 13in-15in Along Back from Collar to Base of Tail)



Joybies Pants for Cats are made of stretch fabric and have a red bow on the back strap. Piddle pads stay in place and don’t restrict your cat’s movement. They are stylish, functional, and washable and are perfect in potty training your kitten.


  • Made of stretch fabric
  • Suitable for both male and female cats
  • Washable
  • Excellent for older cats


  • The shipping is glacial, so planning ahead on ordering is a must
  • Pads could be thicker

Conclusion:  I’ve tested the Joybies Pants on my 18 year old cat who can no longer control her bladder and they fit great. This allowed her to roam around the house without soiling the carpet or any of my furniture. The pads are thin but hold a lot of urine. I highly recommend these pants, especially if you have an aging cat that is struggling with urinary issues.

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2. ThunderShirt For Cats



Whether you are going for a visit to the vet, traveling somewhere new on holiday or your cat experiencing general fearfulness, ThunderShirt’s got you covered. By applying a constant (and gentle) pressure on the torso ThunderShirt for Cats imbues the cat with a calming effect, helping it relax and have a more positive attitude.


  • Have a calming effect on even the most active of cats
  • Quality fabric (resist collecting any hair)
  • Durable
  • Washable


  • Cat hair (after taking it off they groom for some time)
  • Velcro makes a scary noise for some cats

Conclusion: My cats are very active, especially at night when momma needs her beauty sleep. Honestly when we got this I was sceptical of this whole thing, but was amazingly and pleasantly proved wrong. It… IT WORKS. My younger female used to fuss about at night looking for mischief but with this shirt on, she calmed down, even slept next to me and purred. The only issue i can think of is having to put it on her, she gets scared from the Velcro. But once it’s on it does the job.

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3. Dragonpad Cat Costume Lion Mane Wig



Turn your cat into a lion with this awesome Dragonpad Lion Mane costume! The fluffy outside is accompanied by a soft inside, so the fabric close to your cat will be enjoyable and pleasant. The easy to use Velcro design will make the Dragonpad Cat Costume a breeze to put on.


  • Turns your cat into a lion!
  • 4 different sizes
  • Easy to wash and maintain


  • Your cat will either love it or hate it

Conclusion: This piece of cat apparel is a must for any cat owner! It’s easy to maintain and you can pretty much buy for any sized cat. My ginormous russian blue  looks absolutely ADORABLE in it!

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4. Bro-Bear Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater for Small Dogs & Cats Knitwear



This cute knitted turtleneck sweater comes from Bro’Bear and it hits the jackpot when it comes to cat apparel. It’s made from acrylic and it will keep your cat warm and cozy, just like a real sweater should! It comes in a wide variety of different colors and sizes so you can pick the perfect one for your feline friend.   


  • It’s adorable!
  • No seriously, really adorable!
  • Made from acrylic to keep your kitty warm
  • Can be washed in the washing machine with similarly colored clothing


  • Even the XL isn’t suitable for larger cats

Conclusion: When I first saw this sweater I instantly fell in love and I had to get it! Luckily my cat had a similar reaction when it finally arrived! She was a little annoyed at first, probably because she never wore any kind of cat apparel before, but soon she had no problem with it and actually she seemed to enjoy it.

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5.Prymal Lion Mane Dog Cat Costume



Prymal Comfort knows what you and your feline friend need in order to have fun! This costume comes in one size only, which fits average-sized cats. It has sturdy velcro straps which keep the costume in its place.


  • Sturdy velcro straps
  • Easy to get on/off
  • Looks amazing


  • Needs regular brushing so it looks flawless
  • One size only

Conclusion: I can’t even begin to describe how great this costume is! The color is great and it’s just as fun as it is advertised. My cat is 2 years old and the costume fits perfectly. It took me 2 seconds to put it on him and at the same moment he became the King of the beasts! Raaaawr!  Did I recreate the Simba scene from Lion King? Let’s just say maybe.

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