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Activists from China Help Rescue Dogs and Cats from disgusting “Festival”

According to the HSI (Humane Society international) 29 dogs and 5 cats have been rescued in Yuilin, a prefecture-level city in China. The town is well known for its annual “Festival” where more than 10 000 dogs and cats get slaughtered. Mind you this is not a long time tradition that’s been held for ages, but a recent event made popular by dog meat traders with the sole purpose of promoting their abhorrent trade. The HSI rescued dozens of terrified animals from slaughterhouses, some of them mangy and mistreated, but some with collars. Which draws to a conclusion that a lot of these animals were someone’s loving pet, stolen to fuel this ghastly trade. Stealing someone’s pet is a crime on the rise in a lot of provinces in China as the demand gets higher. Luckily though, the rescued animals have been taken to a shelter where they are receiving proper care and are being prepared for adoption. Most of them will find a good and caring home in China while some might even get to live in the US or UK. All is not bad, as we are seeing more and more organizations like the HSI who are dedicated to protect our furry friends.

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