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Feeding Products

2016’s 9 Top Cat Feeding Bowls

Buying cat feeding bowls isn’t a simple matter of picking the cutest one with an adorable pattern. For example my cat doesn’t like to eat or drink from small bowls and dishes. Bowls should be large enough to hold a meal-sized portion of cat food.

Cat Check-Up

Keep Your Cat Healthy With These Top 7 Supplements

Have you ever wondered if your cat needs vitamins and supplements? That partly depends on who you ask, but yes it does! They could not survive and live a healthy life without them.

Discover The Best Litter Types For Your Cat

Hygiene is an important issue, not just for us but for our pets too. The type of litter you use for your cat can be varied and can have a different impact on your cat.

The Best Litter Boxes For Your Cat

In the wild, cats naturally excrete in sandy soil for an easy burial and they cover their poop with their paws. Your cat is recreating the same thing in its litter box.

Dry Cat Food 101: The Top 10 Reviews

When we want to eat something, we usually go for things we really like or we know is good for our health. Our little feline friends deserve the same treatment – and dry cat food is definitely a great choice.

Wet Cat Food 101: The Top 10 Reviews

When they are wild and free, cats get all the moisture they need from the animals they hunt and kill, but unless your cat is a hunter, chances are it relies on you for all of its water and food.