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Did you know: Cats can adopt owner’s accent

People say we look like our pets, or is it the other way around? There’s no denying our personalities and actions leave some kind of mark on our cats but just how much? Scientist in Sweden are trying to answer that question.  They want to find out if a cat in Norway sounds the same as the one in Tallahassee. As every cat owner knows, the longer you spend time with your cat the more of a sort of “language” you develop. It’s this concrete thing that a group of animal behaviorist scientists from Sweden, headed by Susanne Schotz, want to exploit. The plan is to play various samples of human voices to our cats, over some well-hidden speakers, to see just how exactly they will react.  The theory is, if they use similar tones and melodies to convey “I’m kinda hungry o big human” and “FEED ME HUMAN, FEED ME MEOW” scientist can begin to understand just what they are saying. Now certain breeds may have different vocalization of those things, due to their physiognomic difference, but if those same breeds convey that message in an altered tone due to their location and share a pattern with their owners dialect (in a melodic sense), then we may be on to something big.

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