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Do house cats need exercise? How much?

We all love cats and want what’s best for them. However, keeping them inside might be troubling. Cats become lazy which leads to obesity, which, unfortunately, can lead to plenty of other health problems. The most common mistake people make is counting their love for their cats in the food portions they give them. And that’s just wrong. No matter how much food you give to your cat, afterwards, all cats just do whatever they feel like. They won’t thank you or play nicely or even cuddle more. It’s a well known fact that every cat needs exercise. There are a few examples which are great if you just want to lay back and watch your cat go nuts. A feather-on-a-stick toy will make your cat jump like crazy and laser pointers will make her run around the room and jump at the walls, which turns out to be great cardio. Of course, there are days when you’re just not around during the day or don’t have the time to play with them properly. Cats won’t know that you were busy and if you don’t want them bothering you or not letting you sleep, try installing climbing and scratching posts which either offer hide-and-seek boxes or enough levels so your cat doesn’t get bored easily. And if your feline friend is a smarty-pants, an interactive cat feeder might just give her a headache and plenty of mental exercise. When you’re done with physical and mental training, keep in mind that your cat has instincts and you can bring them out by hiding small treats around the house or taking the cat out for a walk. All it takes is seeing a few birds or insects to wake up your cat’s inner beast. Don’t worry, afterwards your cat will sleep like a baby.

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