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Enjoy a glass of Wine with your Cat

There is no denying that the bond we feel with our cats is strong and real.We spend a lot of time with each other, both in play and in rest, and thanks to a Colorado(Denver) based company we can have a glass of wine with them too! Now you don’t have to worry, this tasty beverage is completely alcohol free, and (at least according to the maker of this fine “wine”) has a lot of health benefits for your feline. They are made from nice organic beets with a sprinkle of organically grown catnip.  And you don’t worry about the catnip part, as when it’s ingested this way it actually makes them a tincy bit drowsy and not all hyper and insane. Getting this makes even more sense if you cat tends to wake you up in 3am asking to play, so paw-lease consider getting him/her this tasty and awesome drink. The Wine started as a joke at first, but soon grew very fast and now they ship their wine world wide, as the demand is huge. It comes in a few flavors like Pinot Meow and Moscato and an 8-ounce bottle costs around 12bucks.  Don’t pro-cat-stinate and get yours now!


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