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Is New Jersey About to Make Declawing a Crime?

A lot of people think that declawing is like trimming your nails or getting a manicure. In fact, it’s an excruciatingly painful procedure where each front toe at the first joint is being amputated. This procedure is so painful to cats and it was once used a torture technique. The reason why some cat owners want to declaw their cats is because they are too lazy to train them, they don’t want cats to ruin their furniture or to scratch them. However, clawing is a natural and healthy behaviour. Cats scratch to exercise and amuse themselves, maintain their nails and to stretch their muscles. They use their claws as a first line of defense from all kinds of nasty predators. Some people think that declawed cats behave better and that they are safer for children, however they often become more aggressive, bite people and they are also more likely to go outside the litterbox. Some people even believe they change their personality altogether. Instead of subjecting your cat to this awfully painful and crippling procedure you can trim your cat’s nails regularly, buy multiple scratching posts, train your cat and teach it where to and where not to scratch. If you truly love your feline companion, make the humane choice – and DO NOT DECLAW!

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