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Robotic cat helps elders

Cats make great companions for people of all ages, but they are especially great for senior citizens. Seniors can often become lonely and depressed as they lose their will to do anything. With cats around, their moods lighten up and, no matter how much care the cats need, they make seniors exercise. Caring for someone other than yourself always helps with mental stimulation, and as a consequence, seniors are healthier and happier. That’s why a toy maker named Hasbro started a toy range named “Joy For All” and it’s first product is a robocat. One might think that hardly anyone would be able to have a real and human connection to something filled with electronics., but they would be very well mistaken. This robocat mimics a real cat, it meows, purrs, it’s fluffy and has unpredictable movements, just like a real cat. When in the room, the robocat instantly becomes a talking point and people start sharing the stories about their previous cats. All the research suggest that there is a real benefit to providing people with companion robots, especially if they’ve got dementia or Alzheimer’s, as they might not be able to take care of a real cat themselves. People making these robocats are not making a replacement for a pet, but an interactive companion which is familiar and lifelike. And the elderly respond well to them and say they feel and move just like a real cat. Hasbro created lifelike and interactive pets that are not the real thing, but certainly come close.

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